Deliciously Simple Marketing Recipe for the Holidays

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Deliciously Simple Marketing Recipe for the Holidays

HolidayMarketingRecipe.pngThe holidays are just around the corner. It’s the season of spending. Retailers are counting on the tradition. Smart Business-to-Business (B2B) knows that budgets need to be consumed before the end of the year. Savvy non-profits know that donations go up as folks look for a year-end tax break.

All of which means it is time for small businesses and non-profits to hurry up and move forward to leverage these opportunities.
Here is the basic recipe:

  1. Prepare a game plan. Know what you want to offer. Devise a valuable “what’s in it for them” offer. It could be a coupon, a discount, a special event but it must have value to your audience.
  2. Target the audience. Who should you aim your efforts toward? Know what your ideal customer looks like, their age, sex, their likes and interests,  their wants and needs, where they ‘hang out’ on line the channels they frequent (Facebook, Twitter,  Istagram, etc.)
  3. Choose the channels of communication. Email Marketing is a great way to target your current customers and prospects. Social media is a useful media for building your brand awareness, Advertising on Facebook can be a powerful tool to drive new business.  Maybe a printed piece can be sent. How will you get the message out there?
  4. Create the campaign. Find relevant images and or videos that will support your message. Craft you copy- how you say something can make a difference.
  5. Create a delivery schedule. When will you schedule your emails, posts, phone calls and other activities?
  6. Execute the campaign. This is the most important ingredient. One that all to often gets shelved because of fear or lack of confidence. Press SEND, spend some money on Facebook ads, inform your staff of how they need to re-post your social media messages, get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.

Now, get cookin’ and don’t forget to add your own flavor!

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