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Direct Mail Was Once The Communication Channel of Choice

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Direct Mail Was Once The Communication Channel of Choice

ByeByeMailbox.jpgWill mail survive once again or fade away like the fax machine? 


When I place all the comments about the sustainability of the post office behind, direct mail is still a viable channel for any business to reach a market. However, today, using direct mail assisted with other communication channels, such as email, will always kick up the response.  


In my 30-year history of using Direct Marketing Mail, I witnessed three major shifts in direct marketing mail. Each event involved a new technology that would be direct competition to direct marketing mail. 


First, in the early 90s forward thinking software providers began introducing database and customer contact management software to work on the PCs. Their mantra - target better and mail less. 


The second shift was the introduction of two new marketing channels, faxing and email. I started using email with direct mail at the turn of the century and fared quite well.  


The third shift was the recession which started in 2008-9. Then, add newbies social media, website access at faster speeds and a variety of other channels, Smart Phones included, to reach a potential customer. 


Looking for Answers. 

Even people who agree with multi-channel, somehow don’t buy into using other communication channels. Don't be that person. Here's a great example. 


In the election period last fall, people involved in political campaigns understood and used multi-channel. Yes, they still used direct mail but also other communication channels in social media and new technology, getting directly to the voters and are making a difference on Election Day. 


Here are a few solutions. 

What’s holding back other organizations to use mail with other channels? Is it a lack of experience? Is there a lack of talent?  Is company data management the culprit delaying the use of multi-channel marketing?


In general, direct marketing is not rocket science, but it involves a process that must be adhered to in order to get the desired results. In my opinion, the process of direct marketing is the killer of multi-channel. People are unsure of using anything that is a process, especially in marketing.  

It's the fear of failure slowing the acceptance of multi-channel communication. 


If you like to learn more about multi-channel marketing communication, here is a link to a paper I wrote for a small business gathering. The link to download is from my website, DMCM, so there should be no problems. 


In your opinion, let me ask once again, how wide spread is the use of multi-channel? How will direct marketing mail be used in 2020? 


My answer, regarding the life expectancy of direct mail? "It will survive unless Congress takes away our mailboxes." 


Thanks for the visit. Comments are cheerfully welcomed and responded to!!! 


Mike Deuerling


Marketing Communications Group, Inc.


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