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Direct Mail as a Small Business Marketing Tactic

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Direct Mail as a Small Business Marketing Tactic

Does direct mail still work effectively in today’s marketplace?  It can, but I will share wih you a few pointers you need to consider to make this small business marketing tactic one of your Strategies for Success!



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Cidnee is a sought after speaker on small business marketing, online marketing and content marketing.

Her style is very warm, fun, informative and simple to digest.

She has spoken at a variety of conferences including women events, travel and tourism symposiums, trade and association conferences, municipal events, and of course marketing conferences.

Having pretty much grown up on a microphone (she started in Elementary school), Cidnee loves to inspire business owners and marketing professionals to embrace the sometimes daunting and always changing marketing strategies and tactics.

With over 20 years of marketing experience there is very little she can’t talk about and she strives to always make the talk relevant to her audience.