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Do You Have Klout?

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Do You Have Klout?

There has been quite a lot of buzz lately around Klout scores. Some folks consider it to be a valuable metric when analyzing activity in the social media space, while others are hell bent on proving that it is useless. Of course none of this will make any sense to you unless you understand what a Klout score measures and what it means. This month's post will introduce you to the scoring system, and next month's post will give you pointers on how you can maximize your score should you decide that it is worth your while.


What is Klout?

Klout ( was founded in 2008 with the goal of giving individuals insight into their online influence.  One's influence is determined by the response or reaction that is garnered from various postings within one's social network: on Facebook this could be- a like or comment, on Twitter- a retweet, on Google+ -a reshare,and on LinkedIn-a recommendation.


 Your Klout score gives you valuable insight into the following:


  • Your trustworthiness as  perceived by your online community
  • The topics you are considered to be  the most influential on
  • How your influence compares to that of your peers (professional and personal)


What is a good Klout Score?


The Klout score ranges from 1-100 with the average score being 40. The score is tabulated using data from all of your social networks and is really a measure of your ability to actively engage your various audiences. In a nutshell, the more engagement that you are able to stimulate, the more Klout you will have.


As with all social media, as your score increases it becomes harder to increase your Klout. This can be easily explained by the fact that it is easier to stimulate responses from a small targeted audience than it is a larger less intimate group.


Here are a few takeaways that I hope will help to simplify all this for you:


  • Your "Klout" is your ability to drive engagement within your networks--this is what they call influence
  • The score can help you to better understand which networks you have the most influence in (as well as)
  • Give you a better understanding of the topics that you are the most influential on

At the time of this posting, my Klout score is 46; you will notice that it has steadily increased since I first activated my profile about a week prior.  This is so because the score is tabulated across a 90-day window and weighs recent activity more than older activity. My goal is to get my score to the mid-50's which seems to be the average for my peer group. I will share my experiences and hopefully success with you in next month's posting, "How to Increase Your Klout Score".




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Petia A. Bradshaw, MBA
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