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Do You Love Infographics?

Honored Contributor

Do You Love Infographics?

This week our top clicked Tweet from @ConstantContact was about our Infographics board on Pinterest.


If you're anything like me, I'm sure you love Infographics! They sure make learning very appealing to the eye!


Here's one of the Infographics from the board below!


To follow our Board, check out our "Infographics Board".


Like Us Infographic.jpg

New Member

Re: Do You Love Infographics?

Chart is one of greatest way of expressing figures and values. Infogrphics shows the best result. web chart

Regular Advisor

Re: Do You Love Infographics?

Very nice! And I learned a couple of things. - Thanks Marissa!

Mike Donovan
Occasional Participant

Re: Do You Love Infographics?

Hello, It is very nice chart you have presented. Each and every things mentioned in this chart is correct. Most of the people like something on Facebook just beacuse their friend have done this. Many people have good brand awareness. These days Facebook is the best place to promote a brand beacuse, most of the people are here on this Social Media Website.

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Re: Do You Love Infographics?

Infographics is really revolotion in the internet and i already saw lots of websites uesing it to promote there website like and this chart is very nice it will presented and also very simple to understand because some Infographics really diffcult to understand 

and about the idea its very creative way for promotion .


Many Many thanks to you