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Do You Sound Like a Robot on Facebook?




Today’s Constant Commentary Post by Martin Lieberman


Hey there! How’s it going?


I hope that simple opening gave you a hint that you’re reading a blog post written by a real person, and not a robotic salesperson who is making yet another pitch for you to buy his product or service.


But if not … Last time I checked, I was a real-live human person. And the last time you checked, I’ll bet you were too.


So why do so many people have such a hard time communicating like one on Facebook?


  • Do you have trouble sounding human on your Facebook?
  • Do you find other brands you follow sound robatic?
  • How do you make sure you sound like a human while posting?


To learn how NOT to sound like a robot, check out "Domo Arigato: No More Mr. Roboto"