Do You Use Shareaholic (aka Sexy Bookmarks)? ALERT

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Do You Use Shareaholic (aka Sexy Bookmarks)? ALERT

I found this problem a few days ago. CC support is aware of it, but I wanted to reach out personally to any CC user or partner using the service (via plugin or not) mentioned above.


Earlier this month, Shareaholic inctroduced a new feature called Affiliate Links. It uses the VigLink system to "monetize" links on your website. It's done automatically. This feature, when launched, was ON by default. If you don't have an email registered with Shareaholic, you received no notice it happened.


In short, it took my partner link and turned it into an affiliate link, with VigLink as the "owner". That passes from VigLink and then to Shareaholic. 


Here is a detailed post I wrote about the issue. If you use this service, please read it and see if it affected your outbound links, which would result in zero branding or earnings on one or more referral or existing affiliate links you may have published on your site or blog. 





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Re: Do You Use Shareaholic (aka Sexy Bookmarks)? ALERT

Thanks for posting about this Pamela. I am bringing this to the attention of our team here.

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