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Do You Work On Your Business As Well As In it?

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Do You Work On Your Business As Well As In it?

20122013.jpg‘Tis the season of wonder and delight both in our personal lives and professional. It’s a time to celebrate and reflect on what was and what will be as the current year closes and another unfolds. Over the next few weeks, take some time and give thought to your business – examine your success and learn from failures. It can lead to growth and pave the way for success.


As a small business owner, it may be hard to schedule time to work on your business instead of in it.  Don’t be afraid to pencil in a few hours for reflection. You owe it to yourself and your future. If you’re feeling frustrated and don’t know where to start, ask yourself these questions. Be honest and give them consideration. You may be surprised at where the answers will lead.


  •      List three top successes of 2012.
  •      What caused each success?
  •      How did you generate leads for your business?
  •      How many leads closed?
  •      Was there something you wanted to achieve in business but didn’t?  If so, what specifically held you back?
  •      What tasks can you delegate next year so you can concentrate on another job?
  •      What failed in 2012? 
  •      What was the cause?
  •      What is critical to your success in 2013?

After answering these questions, you’ll have some insight as to how you can make 2013 even better for your business. Wishing you all this best this holiday season and much success in 2013! 





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