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Do you still need that PC chaining you to a Desk?

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Do you still need that PC chaining you to a Desk?



A recent article from Entrepreneur asked "Should Your Business Go PC Free?"  With all of the different kinds of tablets out there, do you really need to be using a PC to help run your business?  You no longer need to be chained to your desktop computer or lug around your laptop. Access the same information on-the-go, from home or from your meeting with a new customer. 


Computers might not be an extinct species yet, but if you are thinking of getting a new computer for your business, why not take tablets into consideration.  You don’t need to worry about keep a USB stick close by, or worry about leaving it behind and losing it with “the Cloud.”  Maintenance costs can be lowered, and productivity can rise, according to this article. 


Still think you need a computer?  You can remote into that computer through most tablets or through an internet browser if needed, like the subject of the article does.  With all the different operating systems (iOS for iPad, Android, and Windows) and the different apps, you might find that a tablet can offer more to you than just your PC. 

Have you thought about tablets for your business yet?  Do you have one or a few?  If so, how has this impacted your business? 



For more information, see the full article here.  

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Re: Do you still need that PC chaining you to a Desk?

This slow tranference reminds me of when they took the volume knobs off all the car stereos back when everything was going digital. I LIKED MY VOLUME KNOB! How dare they take my volume knob!  :smileyfrustrated:

Mike Donovan