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Don't Lose Out On Your Mobile Visitors: 5 Tips to Better Conversion

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Don't Lose Out On Your Mobile Visitors: 5 Tips to Better Conversion

With the increase of mobile users searching online today, converting your visitors into paying clients has never been more important. While many businesses choose to focus on increasing traffic, it may be easier, and more profitable, to focus on converting your current mobile visitors into customers.


What is a conversion rate? For fans of baseball’s Summer Classic, it is a batting average for your website. It is the percentage of people who make a transaction vs. the number of total visitors.


It is essential to have your mobile site ready to convert these customers for two major reasons. First, because it means a better bottom line, and secondly, it will not be long before search engines like Google begin to give lower rankings for sites that are not mobile-capable. In a recent survey from Google, 61 percent of users stated that they immediately move on with their searches if they don’t find what they want quickly and easily. Google has to address these impatient mobile users somehow. Giving lower rankings to sites that are not mobile-capable is one of its options.

The good news is that there are things you can do now to help convert these mobile visitors to customers. These can also help protect or improve your search rankings.


Here are five tips on key elements of mobile marketing for conversion.


  1. Make your site clean and easy to read. Don’t put too much information up front, but make sure your imobile.jpgmportant info is there. Think like a mobile user and design your site for the mobile user. Make sure you include your location, phone number, and a "contact us" button. Have a brief, aggressive description of what you do and what your unique selling proposition is. If you don’t know what your unique selling proposition is, create one.
  2. Offer choices for payment options. You need to pull out all the stops here. With the holiday shopping season approaching, you don’t want to miss anyone with a debit card, credit card, check or PayPal account. Make sure logos are visible and easy to find.
  3. Help your customers feel secure about your site. Make them aware that your site is secure. Put a short guarantee on the main page. If you are a member of the Better Business Bureau, put the logo up. Include any memberships like the Chamber of Commerce or any industry-related organizations you are a member of.
  4. Be timely. Mobile users will not have patience for a site that is out of date or simply serves as a catalog. Right now you should be promoting an “autumn of savings” or similar promotion. Make sure that when they see your page, they immediately know it is up-to-date.
  5. Create a compelling call-to-action. A call-to-action asks a visitor to do something. It sounds basic but many websites sort of lay in the leaves. They don’t ask for anything. Don’t make that mistake. Ask them to buy, ask them to take advantage of your limited time offer, or ask them to inquire about getting more information. If you don’t ask, you will likely not receive.

Warmer temperatures can lead to hotter sales if you take advantage of these conversion tips for mobile users. Make sure your visitors don’t leave your site prematurely! What strategies do you use to convert your vistors into sales?

April Heavens-Woodcock
Chief Buzz Officer at Touching Clients, LLC
Constant Contact Business Partner and Authorized Local Expert
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