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Don't Take Too Much On

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Don't Take Too Much On

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If you're interested in Engagement Marketing, you may be wondering where to start. Do you create a Twitter profile? Have a fan page on Facebook? Keep an eye on Yelp?


Wherever you decide to start the Engagement Marketing journey, try not to get too overwhelmed. Start out slow and don't take too much on. You don't need to be an expert over night and if you take too much on, you could lose focus.


According to Gail, the key is to start small. It's about quality, not quantity. Focus your energies on one site. I'd suggest you start at Facebook. There are now over 900 million Facebook users and the vast majority of your customers probably log onto the site at least once a month.


Getting back to quality, the number of fans you have on Facebook shouldn't matter. It's their engagement level that's important. In fact, a recent survey by Constant Contact showed that 65 percent of our customers had less than 250 fans.


How do you grow those numbers? You provide the content you said you would when you first asked your fans to join you online and have an active presence wherever you choose to be.


Once you're active and settled, you can decide where the Engagement Marketing journey takes you next.


  • What sites do you focus on?
  • How engaged are your fans?

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