Don't Throw in the Towel on Event Marketing!

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Don't Throw in the Towel on Event Marketing!

7A+ tips.jpgWe really enjoy helping people with event planning, marketing and promotions so I hope that you leave this blog post with some great tips for event marketing.  The obvious ways to promote your event are to have it listed on your website, send out a press release, post a Facebook status about it and send out a great tweet but the fun does not stop there. Actually you are just getting started with event promotions.  To really see effective results for your events includes taking a look at the past, the present and the future! Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What can I learn from this same event or events like it in the past? What worked and what did not work? What can be done better?
  2. What's happening today and leading up to the event? Is there a new sponsor? Did someone share a testimonial from a past event? What can you post today about the upcoming event? Is there a guest speaker? Can you share interesting information about the speaker(s)? 
  3. How can you create your event to allow for future promotional pieces? Include activities and photo opportunities within your event that will allow you to use that content to promote your event in the future.

Now for some more specific strategies to consider using when promoting your event.

  • We really LOVE Constant Contact's EventSpot for event marketing. It is now a part of the Essential ToolKit which is even more amazing because you have access to email marketing and social campaigns! (More about that later) EventSpot makes creating an event super easy for you and super easy for your registrants! Learn more about EventSpot here. Want to try EventSpot - get your free trial today
  • Once you've created your event, you'll receive a URL for the event.  SHARE that URL! It might be helpful to go to and shorten that link in case you want to tweet it.  We love Rignite for scheduling posts and recommend that you go ahead and schedule a variety of interesting and informational posts on various social media sites to intrigue possible attendees. Don't use the same post! Shake it up a bit and create posts with content describing why someone would want to come. Talk about speakers, the great venue, the benefits of attending, your sponsors, testimonials from the past, etc.  
  • Consider offering an earlybird registration discount for registering by a certain date. You can use Constat Contact's Social Campaign product to offer a special promotion or that earlybird discount! 
  • Create a #hashtag for your event! Consider creating this hashtag before you event create the event. I like to consider it one of the basic, important facts about the event.  Yes, just as important as the location, date and time.  Go ahead and throw the hashtag in there as well. Use it in every post about the event, include it in signage, advertisements, promotions, etc.  Ask folks to start using it and then follow that hashtag to see what others are saying. You may find great content to share! When done properly the hashtag can be a goldmine!
  • Once you've created your Facebook event (and I mean CREATE an event on Facebook - not just a post) go ahead and start inviting friends who might be intersted.  Ask others to invite.  Post and share the event itself.  Also, inside the event description, include that link/url that was created in EventSpot to drive traffic back to the event webpage with more information and the registration link. Do *NOT* start inviting people until you've got all of the details included, an event cover image and the link to the event.
  • Then start posting IN the event itself! This really drives great engagement and conversation.  The posts inside the event itself can be shared on your actual Facebook page.  You will begin to see people RSVP'ing the event, conversing with friends, inviting friends and more.  This also gives you an opportunity to see who is interested and comment on their posts reminding them to click the link to register.  This posting inside the event is incredibly helpful and we recommend that you utilize it as much as possible.  Click here to see how the Hammond Rotary Club used it to promote their Shamrock Run in 2014. They did a great job! 
  • Utilize the email marketing product in Constant Contact to send invitations, sponsor announcements, event reminders, special updates or event announcements, etc.  Inside your email you should include the link to the Facebook event, the event itself, sponsors logos and links to their websites, earlybird registration rate specials and more! 

I hope that you've found these tips helpful.  The event marketing side of event management can be a huge stressor or it can be fun and effective.  Please comment below and leave a link to your event so we can see what you're doing!  If you're interested in trying Constant Contact's ToolKit for Event & Email Marketing then click here to get started. You can also try Rignite for social media managment and scheduling. We think you'll really enjoy it!

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Thanks for reading!

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