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Don't Waste Time Trying to Be Good at Social Media

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Don't Waste Time Trying to Be Good at Social Media




Are you missing the point of social media? Are you so caught up in the race for fans, followers and Klout scores that you have forgotten the business reason which drove you to social media in the first place?


Your goal should not be to excel in social media, unless that is what you do for a living. Your goal is to excel in your business and use social media to accomplish that goal.


Social media is a viable marketing tool which can be use to build awareness, loyalty and sales (just not all at once) if used thoughtfully, with a plan. Here are some examples how social media can help you achieve a specific goal:


Awareness: If you don’t have a large customer base, Twitter is a great way to start building your brand. The multi updates and fluid nature of the platform allows you to mix news, product/brand information and personal updates as you build your following. Search functions allow you to find conversations which are relevant to your brand. A word of caution, don’t start pumping out to much promotional information too soon, or you will turn off potential clients.


Loyalty: If you have a solid customer base, Facebook can be a terrific way to reach out to your existing customers, offer special discounts and incentives, and encourage them to talk about your product or service online. This is going to be significantly more effective for consumer products or services


Sales: Just as you probably won’t sell your product or service over coffee or stale Danish at a networking event, it is unlikely you will actually make a sale on Twitter or Facebook. What you can do is pique someone’s curiosity so they follow a link back to your web site. Once they arrive, you need to have conversion tools, offers, forms, sign ups or downloads in place to take the sales conversation to the next level.


Select your business objective, and then develop a plan to accomplish that objective. Measure progress with increases in awareness, loyalty or sales, not followers and fans.


Curious about how other small business owners are using social media? Check out the results of the 2014 Small Business Social Media Survey.

Lorraine Ball
Master Certified Solution Provider

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Re: Don't Waste Time Trying to Be Good at Social Media

Well Written..

Social media not just enables you to expose your business to millions of people all around the world but it also helps you to save a lot of time on the marketing and promotion activities. Towards getting success from the social media presence by spending just about 30 minutes per week is the consciousness that this is what you have to do for a better web presence; a small thought first and big steps later.