Don't forget to take your own vacation


Don't forget to take your own vacation

Summer is the busy time for a lot of small businesses, but it is also a time when many people are taking vacations.  While the day to day of a small business is important, remember to also take care of yourself.  What better way to do this than taking a vacation?  


When you say vacation, most people envision going somewhere outside of your comfort zone, but a vacation doesn't need to be miles away.  You can choose to do a stay-cation, where you stay at home and relax instead of going off on a [possibly expensive] trip.  This vacation would be time for you to unwind and get out of your regular day to day routine and while it may seem counter-intuitive, it can actually help your business too.  Getting yourself out of your routine is a great way to solve some lingering problems, answer questions that you haven't been able to iron out, and help you think outside of the box.  


Need some advice on how to take a great vacation?  Take a look at this article with a few pieces of advice on going on a vacation from your business or on this Member Blog post right here in the Community

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