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Don’t let this problem happen in your company!

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Don’t let this problem happen in your company!

Today most businesses use some type of a customer-contact management system. I would bet you’d even find a few in the cloud. And even here on Constant Contact.


The biggest problem I continue to see has nothing to do with the actual program. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Garbage In-Garbage out?” Of course you have. Well, what are you going to do about it?


It’s a jungle out there…

A considerable amount of B2B organizations have what I call a jungle of leads. If a contact is considered a lead in a customer-contact management system then maybe there is something skeptical about the lead.


For example, I met with a company preparing to launch a new product. I and the marketing manager looked at some of the data and saw quite a few “most recent contact dates” from 2011. That was the first red flag.


Further examination disclosed missing information, such as what product the contact bought and when. Yes, that was the second red flag.


Now a double red flag was thrown across our brow. Some of the contacts were not segmented and worse yet, contacts were missing email addresses.


If you are the marketing manager would you use this contact list?

Don’t laugh. In the past someone within a company recommended buying a new list of contacts for the new product launch. He recommended merging this new data with the contacts already in their customer-contact management system. Now, we're being pelted with red flags!


Stop yourself. Don’t even think of doing that!

Guess what happens next? Sometime after this merger of contacts, usually within two to three months, the bloom is off the rose. You guessed correctly. It was a red rose. The enthusiasm of creating a top-notch contact management system  slips day-by-day.


The truth is the jungle of leads has been re-seeded. The only growth a company will see is in the weed garden and the customer-contact management system value slowly decreasing to zero.


An organization must have a process to determine what must be done to eliminate the spreading jungle. Today, finding the right lead that becomes an eventual customer requires a process. And the process must be easy, affordable, and profitable. The process needs a hero.


When a company does clean and update their list, they should also categorize and segment their list. Then the list becomes valuable. It now becomes an asset that grows with each and every update toward a very high positive number!


Is a customer-contact management system really an asset? YES and here’s how.

  • Organizations that harness the power of client information improve their customer service performance and increase their chance for long-term profitability.
  • Organizations that also segment their list into clients (those who spend the most), customers, and prospects proportionately increase the likelihood of a sale.
  • High quality, usable data fuels the success of targeted customer relationship management and direct marketing campaigns.
  • Find your hero. Someone in your company must be in charge. It is the first step you need to take that will eliminate the weed growth and the red flags.
  • Effective targeting enables you to increase sales by first identifying, then targeting smaller, more profitable customer groups within the total market.

Start weeding your lead jungle today.

Keep breaking the contacts into smaller segments and use relevant messages. Relevant message with a touch of personlity keep your customers happy and even tell others.


Contact me if you need a few ideas. I use an exclusive system call PROSPECTATION. Just send me an email ( PROSPECTATION in the subject line and I’ll send my three-step process. It will lead you to lead generation success with any CCM.


Let me know what you think and thanks for sharing.


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Mike Deuerling




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