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Don’t make your marketing terms become a deal breaker

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Don’t make your marketing terms become a deal breaker

Exercise caution in your terms and agreements when accepting a purchase.


Face the facts. Something occurring in the buyers purchase cycle can cause people to rethink their purchase. Here are a few of my pet peeves that make me stop and think. I know there are more, so please share yours.

Agreements. You know the ones you get just before you decide to buy, such as “by checking the box you agree to abide by the 22 page document you read in six-point type and forever hold us harmless.”


Use of product. "Once you approve this purchase, we can change any of your future use regarding the product as long as it is in our best interest. If you are unable to find out what this interest may be, please send $29.95 with your answers on the easy 62 step questionnaire located on our website. A set of booklets containing every term known to man will be shipped upon receipt of the answered questionnaire."

Price starting at… Finally, you see a price for a product you must-have is now budget friendly according to the advertisement. With each click of the mouse you move closer to your must-have product.


As you start to click on all the added must-have accessories, and finally hit the total price, you see reality. The “starting at” price is now a mere pittance of the new advertised price. As the air of euphoria now leaves your body you smell a rat. Once again duped, you cross off your must-have product and you open the window for fresh air.

Yes a bit exaggerated but relevant for a small business to consider.

Perhaps I’ve taken too much leeway with my levity, but I think you get the point. As a small business, the last thing you need is to have a person abandon the purchase because of confusion.

If you need to make a statement about their transaction before the final click, make it user friendly. A carefully worded explanation is all it may take to finalize the transaction.

This is another good reason to never stop learning more about your customers and understand their needs. It just might be the difference in a sale many times over.

Thanks for reading and please share this post with others. It’s greatly appreciated.

Comments? What are your pet peeves which may cause you to stop and think about making a purchase?

Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.




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