Donation Sources

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Donation Sources

As a Nonprofit, you want to run fundraisers to help bring in money for the causes you support. But did you know that there are many organizations that will donate goods or discounts to your nonprofit to support your fundraisers? Over at, they have compiled a list of 101 Donation Sources. 101 is a pretty awesome number and you will see that many of these donation sources are reputable organizations that are right within your own neighborhood.


Here are a few of them:


American Eagle will donate $25 gift cards to high schools and college-sponsored events.

Ben & Jerry's will give you printable coupons for a free pint of ice cream for your school or nonprofit events

Cheesecake Factory donates $25 gift cards to schools and nonprofits.

Green Mountain Coffee donates coffee samples or Keurig coffee cartridges to schools and 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations

Disney will donate a standard gift of 4 one-day Park Hopper tickets to be used for fundraising

Budget Rent A Car offers car rental vouchers

Jack Links Beef Jerky donates gift baskets



Of course every company does have policies that differ for what they can and donate and to whom. As you can see I only shared 7 organizations above, please check out "101 Donation Sources For Fundraising Auctions" to see all the organizations listed in one neat file and how to contact them to get your items for your next fundraiser!

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Re: Donation Sources

Grants are typically made by the public sector or by charitable trusts and foundations. The money does not have to be repaid and is usually exempt from tax. Many grant funders will only fund organisations with charitable status. Some grant makers prefer not to fund organisations that have built up significant reserves or generate cash surpluses. This can disadvantage those with a business-like approach to running a sustainable social enterprise.

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Re: Donation Sources

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Thanks so much for your post about grants! We appreciate you sharing that important information.


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