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Download these Apps to Help You De-Stress

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Download these Apps to Help You De-Stress



Sometimes life is stressful. Admit it, you're probably stressed out quite a bit during the work day.  Small Businesses are always multi-tasking and it's hard to find time to just relax for yourself.  With these 3 apps, you can relax and just calm down for a few minutes so that you can dive right back in!


1. Calm - This app will "help you regain your focus in only two minutes" and it's free on your iPhone.  Though you can check out the programs at and get Pro Access for only $10/year.


2. Healing Music Radio - Similar to Pandora, Spotify, or even the iHeart Radio app. This helps you find radio stations to soothe you.  It's free for the iPhone and you can buy instantly if you like a song.


3. The Worry Box - This app will help you find a solution to what your problem is.  Worry Box is free through Android.



What helps you de-stress and relax while at work? Share with us here!


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