Eight signs you are failing digital marketing 101…

Eight signs you are failing digital marketing 101…



And what to do about it today!


If you find that any one of the eight signs really needs to be better, turn to your customers for help. Customers love to share when it’s in their best interest. Some may need a bribe, but it’s money well spent. Consider it an investment.

  1. Do you find you’re still searching for a better way to reach your target market? Do you know what your target consists of?
  2. You are marketing without a co-channel and still hope for a double-digit response??
  3. When is the last time you updated your customer profiles? Do you know customer profiles are a good starting point for targeting your consumers?
  4. One of the basic attributes in direct marketing is to test your materials before a campaign is launched. Everyone knows that. Right?
  5. Analytics for your marketing programs are right at the tips of your fingers. All you need to do is start to look at them and dream about a variety of options for better response.
  6. The one statement I hear from many small businesses is they cannot afford a marketing automation platform.That's not true any more. Do a website search choose one of many that fit your budget. In fact, when you use and update it daily, it becomes an investment. Maybe it’s time to look closer at your Constant Contact database. It's easy to slice and dice your data for better results.
  7. If any of your contacts were last updated in the fall of 2014, you are not using it correctly. On average, contacts in a database flip over 25% a year. Are you still waiting for a double digit response?
  8. If landing pages, call-to-action and unique offers are not in your plans, you are seriously behind the times. It’s no longer a fad. Yes, it is affordable.

Very few people can say their marketing is running on all eight cylinders. This is especially true when change occurs at record speed, and customers keep moving on to the competition.


Rethink how you spend your marketing dollars. Would you like to increase your marketing revenue? If you want to move marketing from an expense to an investment, it’s time for you to take a good hard, wide look at your company’s marketing.


Remember. All marketing is direct – direct to your customers with relevant messages. Stop dreaming and start doing!


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