Email Marketing: Basic Do’s & Don’ts

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Email Marketing: Basic Do’s & Don’ts



We’re celebrating owner Jacqui Davis’ Master Certification with Constant Contact with a new series on email marketing. We’ll go in-depth on the many different facets of promoting your business via email–and please send us your questions as we go through this series–we want to provide answers to the email problems you have now.


Win Over Scanners


The most important thing to keep in mind for marketing emails? Staying out of the trash. Think about it. When you’re in full speed work mode and blasting through tasks, how long do you spend reading emails you don’t have to read? Do you even open them? Two second glance, make up your mind, and into the trash it goes.

Most people take a quick glance at the content of an email to see if it contains something that’s interesting and relevant to them and make a split second decision based on that first scan. Here’s your primer on staying out of the trash with basic email etiquette.


Basic Email Etiquette

Do obtian consent to add an email address to your list. This can be implied by a business relationship (i.e. they purchased a product you sell online and freely gave you their email) or express consent–when you ask people to sign up for your newsletter and business updates, that’s expressed consent.


Don’t buy or rent a list of email addresses. Make your own list. Your email list knows who you are and why they’re receiving your emails. Your list wants to receive your emails. People from someone else’s list have no idea who you are–and they probably won’t add two and two together and remember clicking that box that gave permission to share their email with third parties. As far as they’re concerned, you’re just spam.


Do give a warm welcome. When someone joins your email list, it’s a big win for your company–and they probably know that–so thank them personally! A short welcome email sets the tone for your future interactions with this customer on a positive note.


Don’t pester your new list member with constant sales pitches. Think about (and research) how often your target customers will appreciate hearing from you. In the long run, you’re going for top-of-mind expert in your industry, not junk mail.


Do include an Unsubscribe option in every email. It doesn’t have to be large, but your opt-out should be visible at the bottom of every email you send.


Do put your contact information and social media links in the footer of every email you send. Customers won’t know where you are online unless you tell them!


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