Email Marketing Needs to be a Conversation

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Email Marketing Needs to be a Conversation

email.jpgOver the past week something very surprising, and disconcerting, has been occurring with my email.  I received two emails, both from organizations I’ve subscribed to (one a restaurant, and one a Chamber).  The restaurant, one my family and I have wanted to visit, had a “Click Here for Coupons” link. When I clicked, I was directed to a 404 Page Not Found. So I replied to their email, indicating the situation, and even included screen capture of the 404 page. Then…nothing. Not a reply saying, “Thank You,” and nothing telling me they had even seen the email or were sorry for the error. I was completely ignored.


As you can guess, the Chamber exchange was similar. Their email was promoting an event that I was very interested in attending. When I checked my calendar I saw the event was on Yom Kippur, and I wouldn’t be able to attend. I replied, and asked if they realized the date of the event was Yom Kippur. Again, no reply. Not a “thank you for contacting us.” Not a sorry you can’t attend. Nothing.


Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools there is, since it is permission-based. Everyone on your list has said, “Yes,” to being there. They want to hear from you. Their consent is equivalent to saying, “I want a conversation.”


Email communication is a two-way street.  When you send an email, your audience has an expectation that it’s actually from someone who’s ready to respond to their questions, comments, or suggestions.  Even if it’s only a quick “Thank You” reply.


Marketing today is a social affair, with consumers expecting their brands to be available and “social”, in a way that has never happened before. If you aren’t engaging, it will only take a matter of minutes before your customers find another business who will cater to them - who will make them feel important. 


Your marketing had to be conversational in order to be successful. If people post to your Facebook page, respond, if they tweet your handle, answer them, and if they reply to your emails, send them an answer! Ignoring these digital communications is the same as ignoring your phone when it rings! (And I’m sure you wouldn’t do that!)


Organizations and businesses are fighting for the attention of their audience, especially in their inboxes! TWO of them had mine! Then, they completely ignored it.

Craig E. Yaris
Chief Strategist, Owner
Social Ribbit
p. 844-762-7428; f. 866-366-4284

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