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Email Marketing is Not Just Email Newsletters

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Email Marketing is Not Just Email Newsletters

Email marketing is so much more than just sending emails to your audience!  Email marketing is about building relationships.  It’s about engaging with your customers. It’s about helping your customers fulfill their needs.  It is about communicating with your audience in a meaningful manner. 


There are many ways to communicate your message AND to communicate your message to the right people!  Let’s take a look at a few of these.


Email Newsletters

Regularly communicate to your customers and generate new leads.  Email newsletters are perhaps the most common use of email marketing, and for great reason.  Email newsletters allow you to stay top-of-mind with your customers, prospects and other interested parties.  You have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, to share tips, and to offer special incentives or offers that are only available to your audience members who had given you permission to email them. That’s right- permission based email!  You ask. They say yes. Now you provide information or offers to make it worth their while to open your email campaigns.  With the high-volume of email marketing that we all receive, you need to MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE!


Targeted Marketing.jpgList Segmentation

To maximize the impact of sharing the right message with the right audience, you need to segment your list into multiple lists.  A targeted message is guaranteed to perform better than a generic offer.  There are many analogies to this, such as “Try to please everyone and please no one.”  Segmenting your list takes effort, but it is an effort that pays off.  Segmenting your list helps to avoid email fatigue within your various segments, as you only email relevant information to EACH segment.



You can build your relationships with automated emails. By sending a series of targeted communications to your contacts right to their inbox at the right intervals, you begin to create relationships.  You have the opportunity to build trust and show you care by sharing whitepapers, timely information, special discounts, or a series of tips relevant to your audience (event attendees, new customers, donors, etc.).  You can even share special birthday and/or anniversary wishes along with a special offer.  And the best part?  Once the emails are setup, you get to sit back and watch the results!



Customer reviews and referrals grow business! Survey e-mails are easily measurable, drive brand loyalty and boost customer retention rates ... just like that! By developing strategic, analytical survey e-mail campaigns, you can follow up with your customers and gain valuable information to help you grow your business.



Bring in new customers and encourage repeat business with Trackable Coupons!  You can share digital, branded coupons with your email list and also share it on your social media so that your subscribers and fans can claim their coupon.  You can even offer an incentive for your fans to share the offer and watch your audience grow through the power of social media.  You’ll be able to track exactly what’s happening! How many coupons were claimed? How many new customers did you gain? How many times was the coupon shared?


Email Marketing is not Just Email Newsletters

As you can see, email marketing is not just email newsletters.  Email marketing includes a variety of ways of communicating with your audience and targeting your message.  Well executed email marketing helps increase revenue, grow your customer base and drive brand awareness. A strategic, integrated monthly e-mail plan ensures that you deliver your message to your customers - right where they are.


Email marketing can be a complete marketing campaign. I discussed a few options above, but email marketing can encompass even more! Consider surveys, coupon offers, flyers, auto-responder messaging, donation campaigns, event registration, newsletters, and personalized customer appreciation content as ways to connect with existing and prospective clients.  And above all, if you’re used to thinking of email marketing in terms of eblasting your audience, perhaps it’s time to redefine your relationship with email marketing.  We can help!  Email marketing is about building relationships, not ‘blasting’ your fans.  To learn more or to reach out to us for strategical direction, contact us at

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