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Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

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Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

My client, a small town real estate agent, has decided against email marketing and has been talked into setting up a blog instead. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? I need selling points to build my CC partner account.

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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons


The challenge with the blog is that he will need to get his customers to visit his page. Blog traffic has to rely on organic search, paid advertising or other forms of promotion that he more than likely will get tired of.


The email approach allows him to control the distribution of information to his target audience.


Best practice is that an email campaign could be used to alert the customers/clients of his updated blog entry or include snippets that point back to it in addition to suppling other valuable content.


I say he needs both and you to do it for him. :smileywink:



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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

Thanks for that answer. Clique_Marketing. You really answered it in a nutshell and that's what I was looking for.

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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

I don't see this as an either/or proposition. I suggest you explain to the ciient that online marketing is like a 3-legged stool with one leg being a website with blog, the second leg being email marketing, and the third leg being social media.


If they want to get the most traffic possible then they should use all three, not just pick one. By combining efforts it's like putting a turbo-charger on a car - much faster results. The social media promotes the blog, which promotes the mailing list, which promotes the blog and social sharing, which promotes both, and so on.


Another point is that blog readers don't want to be sold to unless they join a mailing list willingly. And how exactly do you sell to blog readers anyway without a mailing list? Through the byline at the bottom of the blog? Unless you're getting a lot of traffic that won't sustain a sales effort.

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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

I tried a blog for a year and it felt like I was fishing with only one hook in an out-of-season part of the ocean.


Once I got the newsletter going, the action started. Granted, the letter goes out to my clients, but they are very hip to what I do and the payoff is that they call me back for more business or refer me to their friends. In a phrase, I am always on the front burner. I've tried very hard to deliver information in 99% of the copy rather than try to sell people on anything.


Social Media is a BIG assist in promoting the newsletter as well.


I need to be convinced about blogs. I felt very lonely doing them.

Jack Dermody
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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons


hai @ mohorrigan

 "Blogging" is the act of writing in a blog."blog," is a web page that contains dated posts, by one or multiple users, often pertaining to a particular topic.blogs could only be created by someone who already knew how to build a website. Using a blog you can earn money by allowing others adds in your blog ir google ads etc.

E-mail Marketing:


Email marketing is a great opportunity to reach out to millions of people in a matter of seconds.

Email marketing benefits are,
1. Increase your sales,
2. Generate repeat business,
3. Increase your average order value,
4. Increase your offline sales,
5. Gain honest and valuable feedback.

E-Mail marketing helps to get customers for your business by sending mail.You can send E-Mail about your service or products in website.It is important for the shopping sites.

I didn't know any drawbacks in email marketing.

I own a blog and doing E-Mail marketing for my online shopping site and getting many customers.I made a blog using the Quick blog cast service from and i got express email marketing service from there itself and marketing my services easily.So to market your service or product use email marketing.To express your views online you can make a blog.

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Re: Email Marketing vs. Blogging - Pros and Cons

Jack, you could always opt for a forum. If you can find a niche topic and get it off the ground (the hardest part), there is a much greater sense of community as everybody is writing as much or more than you. We started a drum forum 5 years ago ( and it paid off. Consequently, I don't blog as much any more. 

Mike Donovan
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