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Emails into Sales?

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Emails into Sales?

We've been using CC this year but one of the questions that has come us is how do we know CC emails are turning into sales? We're a fluid power distributor so it's not the ideal business to have coupons which would be the obvious way to track sales related to the emails. Yes we have an above average open rate and an okay click thru rate (working on that), but we still don't neccessarily see an uptick in sales of the items we promote after emails.

Maybe I'm approaching this the wrong way. Ideas anyone?
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Emails into Sales?

Did you enter the campaign with a clear strategy? Was it to increase sales? Increase customer awareness? Communicate new products? It sounds like you wanted to use it to increase sales. Email can be effective and not have to increase sales.

Where are you collecting your addresses from?
What sort of information are you including in your email?
Are the products your selling something that a customer would order as a result of a call to action or are they something they buy only when they need them?

Perhaps there are two questions here.

1. How can I improve my email effectiveness.
2. How can I measure its success.

The rules for effectiveness require timely, pertinent and a value added content. Is the information you're sending timely? If it is whats the reason they should be buying it at that time? less expensive? more value? Whats the value in that immediate conversion?

Consider the purpose of the email. Perhaps it should be more informative and contain less of a sales hype. Now that you have a year under your belt you're much more educated on how it can be used.


Emails into Sales?

Emails are a great way to keep in touch with established customers but not necessarily the best approach for direct sales. Emails establish your company brand and gives customers information. Phone calls and visiting existing and potential customers are better ways for solicitation.