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Employee Time Management Solutions – 7 Steps


Employee Time Management Solutions – 7 Steps

Time Management is critical to business success.  You can’t possibly do everything that you think you should, could or might do!


Time Management is MAKING DECISIONS – so we need a decision making process.  Its about Getting More Things Done rather than Doing More Things (yourself).


Here are 7 Steps that will help you and your employees manage time more efficiently:

Step 1: DOWNLOAD- write down Everything filling your mind.

Step 2: CLASSIFY them into lists within Categories for example…Personal… Business… Financial…

Step 3: RANK each item in your lists into one of the following quadrants depending on their level of Urgency and Importance
• Urgent = Short Time Frame =MUST be done in the NEXT WEEK or less

This means and Something which has a deadline more than ONE week away is Not Urgent – even if it is Important!!!!

Step 4: FLOWCHART Items

Step 5: SCHEDULE Give your tasks ‘a place to live’ within your week.

Step 6: For this system to work – FIGHT FOR YOUR TIME



Where do you start when you don’t have the time? Find a quiet place (no interruptions) either on your own or with your partner and write down Every single job or task that you can think of. Even little things… they are all taking up processing space (RAM) in your mind.


Classify – This is to give you an idea of the balance of where the tasks lie in relation to the various parts of your life, and can help with the next process of prioritisation.


TO DO lists are a severely limited tool as they do not give the tasks size.

  • Map out WHAT has to Happen at each step
  • Guestimate the TIME required to complete each step
  • Identify WHO needs to do each step (great potential to delegate here)
  • List what Resources or materials are needed at each step

KEY CONCEPT: Events happen as BLOBS of time – your commitments are shown as a period of time rather than a sentence on a To Do list

  1.  Use a seven day diary with half hour timeslots. Google has an excellent online Calendar you can share with others and access anywhere there is internet
  2. Start by blocking out APPOINTMENTS AND MEETINGS YOU HAVE ALREADY COMMITTED TO (you may be surprised at the amount of time a simple ‘yes’ has stolen)
  3. Block in Repeating appointments several weeks ahead
  4. Then allocate times to complete specific STEPS from your DEMAND and ZONE flow charts mapped out in Step

NOTE: Leave gaps between the blocks of time to deal with the unexpected or unplanned demands of business. Time Blocks are more effective than To Do Lists


The first objective is to maintain even 4 hours of focus within the scheduled time in your week

As you begin it may seem in spite of your resolve the world does everything to pull you from your schedule – phone calls, team/family members with questions, salesmen dropping in – REMEMBER your aim is to stay consistent for just 31 days and be amazed at what happens.


Useful books to read: “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” “The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey


How can your employees better manage their time?

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Honored Contributor

Re: Employee Time Management Solutions – 7 Steps



I'm loving this content you're sharing with us!  I know I myself always have trouble managing my time. I will be able to use your steps to help!


Does anyone else have any time management secrets they can share with us?

New Member

Re: Employee Time Management Solutions – 7 Steps

This is a very wonderful post!


As a manager myself, I always seek to it that time is well utilized and spent at the workplace. I even made my employees use this time management solution at work. This basically makes them become more focused and organized. On my part, I also get to monitor their work hours and computer activity. Time is well managed with that setup.


In addition to that, I stressed out to them that it is important to list out all your priorities before working and work on them one by one. Multitasking is counter productive. Since they've kept all of those in mind, I noticed the tremendous increase in productivity.

New Member

Re: Employee Time Management Solutions – 7 Steps

Yes, I do understand the importance of time tracking software, but I still believe these tracking tools have taken away employees freedom. Some tools are upto som extent but there are tools that take snapshots of employees screen and sends it to the management CC'ing the employee. Which comes as a surprise and its not that good.


We use time clock in our office and I believe this tool is to a limit and does the tracking task without disturbing the employees.