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Enewsletters for Real Estate Agents

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Enewsletters for Real Estate Agents

Hi All!

It's a pleasure to be a part of the Constant Contact Community!  We specialize in enewsletters for real estate agents.

We typically have open rates in excess of 30% and click thrus in the 20% range!


If you're looking to grow your real estate business through constant contact emarketing, give us a call!


Sample real estate enewsletters:


Coldwell Banker Burnet - Lori McCahey enewsletter Archives:


Visit us online at

Chris & Tricia

The Prescott Group We Make You Look Good!
Chris Prescott 612-998-5674
Tricia Allenson 952-212-7598
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Re: Enewsletters for Real Estate Agents

Hi Chris and Tricia,


Thank you so much for introducing yourself in the Community.  It's great to meet you.  I'm a moderator here with my partner in crime Jarrad. 


It's great to see you so active in the Critique My Email board.  Everyone loves feedback!


Hope to continue to see you around!


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Re: Enewsletters for Real Estate Agents

Please advise me on my email and also if you have experience, some feedback on what success you have had on Consstant Contact and 

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Re: Enewsletters for Real Estate Agents

Thanks for your sharing. Your enewsletters for real estate agents are great!

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