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Engaged Facebook Fans or a Super Bowl Ad?

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Engaged Facebook Fans or a Super Bowl Ad?

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John Koetsier, from VentureBeat, shared a post on the outcome of a Staples survey where they asked 500 small businesses which they would prefer.


  • 2 Million Engaged Facebook Fans
  • A one-time celebrity endorsement
  • Super Bowl Ad
  • 2 Million Twitter followers
  • Appearance on the show "Undercover Boss"

And 41% said they'd rather have 2 million engaged Facebook fans. Only 12% wanted the 2 million Twitter followers.  With Facebook's Edgerank, I wonder how many fans your business would have to actually have in order to have 2 million that were actually engaged.  I have to turn on notifications for the brand pages that I follow in order to know when they post and use our free NutshellMail email digest.  Not everyone shows up in my NewsFeed.


So what do you think? What would you have chose from above?


Check out the full piece, "2M Facebook fans better than Super Bowl ad, celeb endorsement...or Twitter followers".