Enhance Engagement By Using Call To Actions In Email Marketing

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Enhance Engagement By Using Call To Actions In Email Marketing

Creating compelling call to actions are 100% required for effective marketing in today's world of engagement.

As an award winning top rated partner of vCita , Duda Mobile and Constant Contactour focus is always on how to create a sustainable ROI for our clients, and it all boils down to how engaging is our call to action within our integrated marketing campaigns we create for them.

A Call To Action by definition according to Wikipedia is:  

" In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "call now", "find out more" or "visit a store today "

When we craft up an email marketing campaign and combine CTA's using vCita we end up with greater success, here are some examples:

  • Schedule A Meeting or Call (Allows for a live scheduled event/meeting/call that connects directly to the person's calendar availability)
  • Contact Us (This sends them to a mobile responsive web form that instantly text messages the recipient that a person has contacted them)
  • Make A Payment (Instantly receive payments on any device from clients for services or even products)
  • Send A Document (Upload documents from your website or client portal, email campaigns and other sources)
Using email marketing is always a great channel, and sometimes emails need that extra bit of engagement. We do this by incorporating the above CTA's as general buttons that make the overall email template/campaign work great.   Constant Contact has built  a variety of related CTA's such as; Event Registrations, Surveys, Coupons and Forward To A Friend features right into the platform, and are fantastic  ways to keep your audience engaged and focused on exactly what you want them to do. 

Start using more than the basics, diversify your portfolio of engagement with your intended audience and get them to focus on ONE CTA (Call to Action) at a time.  It's actually better to send 2-3 emails per month (providing you have valuable content / offers to share) and focus on that ONE CTA vs. sending one email with a variety of CTA's in it.  Less is more and it's even more relevant in today's world of marketing because of the mobile impact it has.

We are currently doing beta testing between Constant Contact and vCita to prove how powerful engagement is when combining the CTA's of vCita into email campaigns.  Stay tuned for another follow-up blog post about this program.

Try vCita and see how you can easily incorporate new mobile responsive CTA's into your email campaigns and see how you increase your clicks and overall engagement when you combine the two powerful tools together.
vCita shows us an example of effective call to actions within an email campaign byConstant Contact   view the YouTube Video Here
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