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Especially For Me, South Texas

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Especially For Me, South Texas

Hello everyone!


I own two small ladies boutiques, one in Alice Texas and the other in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am trying to expand into the ecommerce market however do not have much emarketing experience or a decent working knowledge how ecommerce happens and I am a little hesitant about selling online.... Any suggestions!


Great to meet everyone!


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Re: Especially For Me, South Texas

Hi Janie!


It's great to have you here with us at the Constant Contact User Community!


I have a friend who owns a boutique where I'm from in St. Petersburg, FL and they always post new clothing/accessories on their Facebook Page.  I love this because it helps get people in the door. But what I would really love is if they had an online store.


Maybe you could do something like this on your Facebook Page.  Just a suggestion!


Hope to see you around the boards!

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Re: Especially For Me, South Texas

Its all about meeting expectations.  Online is great IF you can keep inventory current, ship as expected,handle returns via mail, etc. If you have hesitations, you might want to consider just promoting online to start and then perhaps consider actually selling.  Promoting of course presumes a mostly local clientele whereas true online is focused literally on the world.


If local is your thing, consider some of the great social media tools from Constant Contact and/or the Save Local tools - both are great and really work.

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Re: Especially For Me, South Texas



One method could involve a site called, where you can post videos  of products and link back to you site where they can be purchased. 


Perhaps PayPal would be a good way to start.  If you're selling handmade items, those could also be posted on, which handles everything, including credit card purchases, and is very reasonable.


I'm new to this, too, but know that there are credit card companies that are very reasonable for E-Commerce and some are rather expensive.  Research.


Hope this helps.


Also, will appreciate your comments on the EMail that will be sent tomorrow morning.  The mailing is BriteLites.  I think the subject line of my post is "Critique and Feedback Sought."



Sandra Gould Ford