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Event Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

Honored Contributor

Event Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

Event planning isn't just about who comes to your "party." It's about building momentum for your non-profit group. Using an online event registration program can help you create buzz about your event before, during and after the actual event. Now that's something worth celebrating.


Learn how to accomplish the following:


  • Improving your attendee list by creating the event to meet their needs
  • Creating clear goals for your event, both for you and for your guests
  • Boosting company profits by creating incentive for your attendees
  • Sending personalized invitations to make invitees feel more special
  • Strategically building your email invite and event homepage to quickly entice guests
  • Connecting with social media websites to help spread the word and build enthusiasm
  • Using your event to capture more people and information
  • Politely reminding people about your event
  • Using follow-up communication to build more buzz about your non-profit organization
  • Sending online surveys to get feedback for your next event
  • Incorporating event highlights in an email newsletter to build buzz about your business

Click here to download the PDF: "Event Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits - Putting It All Together."