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Everyone Needs an Unfair Advantage -- What's Yours?

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Everyone Needs an Unfair Advantage -- What's Yours?

    Everybody needs an unfair advantage.  Especially when you're trying to gain the attention and buying intentions of your e-mail list members.


    Mine is cartoons. I use them in e-mail to boost open rates and keep the audience engaged indefinitely, over the course of regular drip campaigns and newsletters.  But not everyone is a Wall Street Journal cartoonist or a pioneer in the use of cartoons in all sorts of marketing missions.

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    So what unfair advantage do you bring to your e-mail communications?  Here are 5 suggestions to tilt the playing field in your favor.



1.  Value:  If you want to be valued by your list members, make sure you're always receiving something of value to them.  You can do this by producing your own content, but the simplest solution is to keep a constant watch for articles and books you can review, recommend and encapsulate in your own content delivery.  They'll think of you as one of their "go-to" sources for information that matters.


2.  Relevance:  Information without relevance is just noise.  And count on it, your list members are already hearing a lot of it from other sources.  If your communications always have relevance to what your list members are striving to achieve in their businesses or lives, you stand out from everyone else.


3.  Uniqueness:  Everybody has at least unique combinations experiences, backgrounds, expertise and back stories.  What's important is that you bring your unique combination of attributes to all of your communications.  Your uniqueness will make your voice irreplaceable.


4.  Authenticity:  People don't like to be sold or talked at.  They don't want to be pushed or manipulated.  What they want is an honest conversation with someone they can trust, someone who has their interests at heart.  Authenticity is easy; just engage in honest, down-to-earth conversations about the things that matter to your list members' lives, businesses and goals.


5.  Consistency & Surprise:  If you want your list members to consistently engage in your message, you've got to show up consistently to form their habit.  Pick a regular date and time to deliver your message and stick with it.  But don't forget to include a few surprises along the way.  



    As you can see, you don't have to be a cartoonist to keep your audience engaged while you create your own, unique unfair advantage.   Just ask yourself, "What is my unfair advantage?"  And be ready to answer with some concrete steps to get there.



About Stu Heinecke

Stu Heinecke is a DMA Hall of Fame-nominated marketer, a The Wall Street Journal cartoonist, author of Drawing Attention and Big Fat Beautiful Head, and Founder and President of CartoonLink, a marketing service dedicated to bringing an unfair advantage to marketers through the magic of cartoons.  Would you like to double your open rates immediately?  Put Stu's "cartoon device" to the test in your campaign for free.

Stu Heinecke
Host of Contact Marketing Radio
Founder & President of "Contact" and CartoonLink, Inc.
Wall Street Journal cartoonist
Author of How to Get a Meeting with Anyone
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