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Facebook Ads + Social Campaigns = Lead Generation Success

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Facebook Ads + Social Campaigns = Lead Generation Success

I saw a recent article in my Facebook news feed titled, "Brands Are Wasting Time and Money on Facebook and Twitter".  I thought to myself, I totally agree!  Well, for the most part!  Over the past few years, I've observed hundreds of businesses misuse Facebook.  These businesses are treating Facebook as if it is an online scrap book.  They're committing my pet peeve - Facebook Felony:  Posting and Praying.  While your Facebook fans do want to get to know your business culture and learn what you're about.  That type of information is very hard to measure with regards to ROI.  


Facebook needs to be treated like a work horse, not a show pony if you want to see real measurable results.   The good news is that Facebook has in excess of 1.3 billion users, it is the heaviest trafficked web site on the internet.  There is even better news, Facebook has meticulously categorized the consumer demographics of its users, making the platform a virtual treasure trove of potential customers.  


In the olden days on Facebook, you know, back in 2012, if you ran an ad to find new Facebook fans for your page, you may end up with some very active users in Nigeria or Brazil, which is wonderful, if you're in Nigeria or Brazil.  However, if you're a small business on Main Street, AnyTown, USA, it's not so great.  Facebook realized that they would be able to increase their advertising revenues exponentially if they accomplished one main objective - MAKE THE ADS MANAGER EFFECTIVE.   They have created a user friendly Ads Manager that can be leveraged to reach out to very specific target markets.  

You run ads to the following criteria:

  • zip code
  • age
  • gender
  • interests 
  • behaviors
  • languages
  • Facebook "About" categories

You can even run ads to sets of Facebook users who have taken specific actions in select time frames.  


You can advertise to:

  • Women
  • Age 35-45
  • Zip Code 19107
  • Who Are African American
  • Who Have Recently Become Engaged

This ability to drill down into consumer demographics is crucial when implementing and advertising campaign.  I've had tremendous success finding and converting Facebook users by combining the Social Campaign product from Constant Contact and Facebook Ad Manager ads.  Social Campaigns allows a small business to create a Facebook app in which the business offers an incentive to the Facebook user in exchange for the the user providing some type of demographic information, usually name and email address.  Many businesses provide a discount, special offer, or gift.  Others choose to offer a white paper or proprietary information that has some perceived value by the Facebook user.  One of the most convenient and time saving features of the Social Campaign product is that it will create, schedule and publish Facebook posts right to your Facebook fan page.  You can then use these posts as content for a Facebook Ad Campaign.  

Here's an example of a Constant Contact generated Social Campaign Facebook post
Social Campaign Facebook Post


You can easily turn that post into and ad by following these steps:


1.  Go to the Ads Manager
Ads Manager


2.  Select Page Post Engagement
Page Post


3.  Select the Facebook Fan Page to which you'd like to post.
Facebook Fan Pae

4.  Select the post that you'd like to advertise
Facebook Post

5.  Select your target demographics

6.  Select your budget and duration.



Constant Contact will do all of the leg work for you.  They will collect all of the lead information, they will add it to the list that you select when creating the campaign.  Your new lead will receive an email from Constant Contact with your coupon or white paper.  The new lead will also receive your welcome email if you have it active.  I highly recommend nurturing these leads with a series of auto responders.  Refrain from a hard sell in your first email to these leads.  Let them get to know you over a series of campaigns that offer valuable information that sets you apart from your competition.  After nurturing the lead for a period of time, then slowly begin to sell to them.  


If you would like more information on Social Campaigns or how to run effective Facebook ads, feel free to Contact Me.  

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