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Facebook Chat Recap - What are Best Practices for Responding to Fans on Facebook?

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Facebook Chat Recap - What are Best Practices for Responding to Fans on Facebook?



On 2/16 we had another succesful Facebook chat where we discussed best practices for responding to fans on Facebook. Didn't have a chance to join us? Not a  problem! Here's a quick recap.



Q - Is it a good idea to respond to each fan that likes your page?

A1 - I think it is nice to respond to each fan that likes the page, however, if you have a ton of people liking the page at once (yay if so!) then maybe just a post on your wall to welcome and thank new fans in general. Thoughts on this approach?

A2 - Sending an individual message to each new fan could become spammy. A general post on your wall is a great idea.


Q - Here's my question...I'm lucky to have fans that post really nice things like "Big fan" and that's it. Should I 'Like' that post as my company and comment a simple thanks, or is it seen as tacky to 'Like' the post?

A - We believe a simple thanks goes a long way! Definitely go ahead and like your fan's positive comments!


Q - If dealing with crabby customers on FB, and they refuse to chat offline, do you suggest the thread be deleted?

A - it’s important show your fans that you’re a transparent, authentic organization, so resist the urge to delete a negative comment, unless it’s in clear violation of your policy. If the customer refuses to go offline and disregards your attempt to make things right, sometimes there is nothing more you can do!


For the full chat, check out our Facebook page


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