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Facebook Gives You A New Email Address

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Facebook Gives You A New Email Address

It appears that Facebook has now given everyone their own email address.  Per Facebook's Privacy area, it appears that if someone emails you to that email address, it will simply go to your Messages on Facebook.  So I decided to test this out. I went to my About Me section and I found under Contact Info my new "Facebook" email address.  I sent myself an email and I have not yet received anywhere. I haven't received it to my Facebook messages or to my personal email address that I have set up in Facebook.  If I ever receive it, I'll update this post.


But, let's talk about how you can see your new "Facebook email" and how you can set it up so that it's not seen on your profile, if that is what you want.


First, you want to log into your Facebook and go to your Profile (Timeline) page. Up on the top left under your image, youContact Info.JPG should see some information about yourself with an About link. Click the About link.  Then on the right on my page, I see Contact Info.  In that section, I can see my new "Facebook email".  It is only visible to me.  But if you want to check to make sure no one can see your email addresses, let's click the Edit icon on the right.


In my Contact Info, I have 3 email addresses and to the right of them I have these little icons.  The first one shows who visibility icons.JPGthe email address is visible for.  I have the first 2 set up for Friends, while the last one (my Facebook Email) is set to Private.  The second icon is showing me that the first two email addresses are hidden from my profile.  You can click on these icons to change who can see this.






In Mike Isaac's post, "The @facebook Email Switch: Another Nudge Toward a Facebook Communications System" on All Things D, he states that if you're someone that doesn't like to give out your personal email address, that now you can use your Facebook email instead. That's a good idea, but for me, I don't think I want any unneccessary email going into my Facebook Messages.  


  • What do you guys think?
  • Did you notice you had a new "Facebook Email Address" on your account?
  • Did Facebook make it public without you knowing?





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Re: Facebook Gives You A New Email Address

I need another e-mail address like I need another hole in my head.

(Yes, I actually have several holes in my head). :smileyhappy:

Mike Donovan