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Facebook made some changes... Again!

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Facebook made some changes... Again!

Have you seen the news?  Facebook made some changes to New Feed.  Specifically they adjusted the algorithm that they use to give more weight towards your friends posts instead of pages.  


So what does this mean for you?  This could mean that less people could see your updates.  Due to this, it is more important than ever before to make sure that you are sharing relevant information to your customers so that they are still looking for and searching for your posts.  Take a look at the recent blog post here on the Constant Contact Blog for 4 Ways to Maintain Brand Page Success.  



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Re: Facebook made some changes... Again!

I recently spent two days in Facebook developers conference, and this is one area they explained in detail.

It's based on your actions -
>>what you spend time liking and commenting will show up more often in your feed

>>plus, for your friends to see your posts more often,they have to comment on them more often. If they comment on everyone, then FB still chooses the ones that they consistently comment on.
>>and, for your posts to show up on your friends timeline more often, you need to go to your friends page and like and comment their posts more often.
FB algorithm responds to social activity and interaction.

For people that post numerous posts but have very few comments and likes, those posts will fade from timeline as FB judges them as not important, compared to the statistics of all posts made and commented on by your friends.
For people that post occasionally, like and comment on friends pags and posts and have social interaction, those posts will be judged as high interest, compared to the statistics of all posts made and commented on by your friends.

Too many people still rely in social media to do all the work for them.  Facebook is more or less forcing people to interact with each other.

Social media should be a part, not all, of a person's marketing strategy.



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