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Facebook page developed

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Facebook page developed

Good morning, I am trying to develop a FACEBOOK business page. Looked into PAGEMODO, they have great templates like a website... but they want access to my pages.Has anyone dealt with them or have a better choive for this topic

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Re: Facebook page developed

Hi John,


I found a couple of reviews on PAGEMODO.


Here they are:


Has anyone else ever heard of PAGEMODO or used it?  Would love to hear your feedback!



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Re: Facebook page developed

I have had a few clients use Pagemodo, some with success. All but two have left Pagemodo because of the limitations. They were not able to fully represent their brand and image.  For a few, what is offered under the free service is sufficient.


Every app requests access to your Facebook information. Most do so in order to provide you with specific services, some do it solely so they can interact with information that you or your friends have shared. All apps are held to Facebooks Developer T&C, however, some still use sneaky ways to market to you and your friends through their own T&C.  I have had clients who have had bad experiences with a few apps. If you ever feel uneasy about saying "yes" to an app - then don't. 


Also if  your settings are set only to "secure log in" many apps are still not compliant with HTTPS, so if your visitor is only using HTTPS, the will not be able to view anything created on your page that is not secure.


First decide what you want on your page, then decide if the app can meet your needs.


Wishing you awesome and continuing sucess.


Sumner Davenport



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Re: Facebook page developed

Thanks Sumner!