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Facebook's New Save Feature - How can it help you?

CTCT Employee

Facebook's New Save Feature - How can it help you?

Facebook recently implemented a new save feature! Instead of hacks or workarounds for saving content, such as taking screenshots or sharing content to your own wall, users now have the ability to save content for reading later.


This is huge! There are however, five important features that you need to know about. Mari Smith posted these five features on her blog and I’d love to share them with you.


Only links can be saved.– What does this mean? Users can save posts that have links associated with them where the link preview is intact, normal status updates cannot be saved currently. 
What can be saved:
       Link posts.
       Tv shows

Things that can’t be saved:

      Status updates
      Photo posts
      Video posts (but you CAN save links to Youtube or Vimeo videos)


Some Saved Links go Back Into the News Feed. – This is great news for page owners that post links! According to Mari you might want to start posting more links on your fan page and include a call to action to invite your fans to save your post.

Pages can be saved. – Users can save their favorite pages! This is huge! Of course you’ll want to persuade your fans to save your page in the first place. Entice them to do it so they can quickly and easily see updates from you.


Want to see the other two features? Go check out the rest of Mari’s blog post and start using the new Facebook Save Feature to benefit your business today!

Melissa M
Community and Social Support Intern

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Re: Facebook's New Save Feature - How can it help you?

Maybe I will check that new save feature in fb the next time I visit it. Thanks for that info.