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Facebook's new strategy

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Facebook's new strategy

Recently I read an article from Time magazine and a discussion on LinkedIn describing Facebook's new strategy on organic posts. Since they began, Facebook's strategy was to deliver only 16% of the organic posts. A few months ago they reduced that to 4% and soon they will further reduce it to less than 2%. What this means is that if you want your posts to be published,  chances are,  you will have to pay Facebook for more exposure.

I find this to be very disturbing as it will make marketing for small businesses such as mine, and non-profits much tougher. Whether or not to continue with Facebok is an individual decision, but I think you know the issues involved.

For more information,


I have on my recent blog a post from Ron Mattocks, Online Marketing Manager at Aptera Software,  entitled


1.  "Is Facebook Worth the Effort for Marketers Anymore?"


2. Time magazine  in


Thanks and have a good day.

Joseph Grillo