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Facebook to Unveil New Newsfeed

Honored Contributor

Facebook to Unveil New Newsfeed

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Well, we haven't seen anything new for personal pages in a while for Facebook. So I guess they've decided to spice things up a bit for us.  This coming Wednesday, March 7th at 10am PT. So be on the lookout for the new newsfeed!


New Newsfeed.png


To read the full post by Brittany Darwell, check out "Facebook to reveal 'new look' for News Feed next week" on


What are you hoping to see change?

What do you want to stay the same?

Regular Advisor

Re: Facebook to Unveil New Newsfeed

Should be interesting to see if it also includes more advertising. Some of my followers are already complaining about more advertising showing up in places where it seems intrusive. 

Mike Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: Facebook to Unveil New Newsfeed

I know what you mean! I'm tired of seeing ads too. I hate when they show up in my newsfeed. I think "Wait, I don't like this page"...