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Feed yourself

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Feed yourself

With all the attention on social media these days, a business owner can sometimes forget that there are other options. One option is to set up a content domain that feeds traffic to your main business. We did this long ago with a handful of drum sites that we built. Examples are,, and so on. They are each about providing valuable information for the individual interested in drums but of course we also advertise on these domains. Because the visitor is grateful that you gave them all this information for free, they will often repay you by patronizing your store or using your service. While I listed a handful of sites, I don't recommend building them all at one time unless you have a large staff to help you. They will each take some time to grow.


One might ask, "Why would you create separate sites when you can build it all on one domain?" This is a fair question and that certainly is another option. The answer is that there are seo (search engine optimization) advantages to building several. I'll elaborate more on that later. 


The next move is finding a domain that compliments your existing business. I recommend something short and concise and preferably a .com but they can be hard to find as most of them have been reserved by now. At that point, some people just give up but keep in mind that sometimes people reserve domain names to resell. It might cost you a couple thousand dollars up front but the investment will pay off. The sites I mentioned earlier receive anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of visitors a day. Needless to say, that renders the domain "priceless"!


If you're looking for a domain for your business or want to expand your presence online, we have some valuable top level domains we're selling. You can also visit large domain hubs like GoDaddy or


 If you ever have any questions about domains, let me know and I'll help if I can. 


- Mike Donovan



Mike Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: Feed yourself

Great points Mike! Thanks for sharing with us here in the Community about domains!