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Feedback and Critique Sought

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Feedback and Critique Sought

Comments and recommendations of this EMail appreciated. It will be mailed Friday 1/4 morning. This is my first time attempting. Here's a link to the EMail: Thank you Sandra Gould Ford
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Re: Feedback and Critique Sought

Hello Sandra,


Thank you for posting in the community! I have reviewed your email and it looks like you are doings a lot of things right, including social media links and Join My Mailing list links. However there are a few adjustments I can suggest.


First, I would suggest shortening your email, you can accomplish this a few different ways. You can either shorten the email by using "Read More" links, or switch to a multi-column template or a combination of the two.


Secondly, I would suggest adding some type of light background color to off set the articles. Using a background color on your blocks makes them easier for customers to read. This also gives you the opportunity to build your brand by using your company colors as a back drop to your email.


I hope this information helps your readership grow.

Andrew H.

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Re: Feedback and Critique Sought



Thank you so much for your feedback.  I will shorten the articles and explore different backgrounds for the blocks -- although the "company colors" are dark.


I just switched to this single-column approach after experiencing so much difficulty with trying to get two columns to balance because space kept being added in each block.  (I think cutting and pasting into the EMails caused added space below text.  Just learned that usng "delete" key rather than back-spacing could help.)


Right now, I'm a one-person operation and am looking for ways to get the EMails done quickly and beautifully. 


Thank you. 



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Re: Feedback and Critique Sought

I do agree its a bit long and you really should cut down the articles by using a "read more" to encourage subscribers to go to your web site to read them however if you do want to keep the length (which some of my clients insist on), I recommend that you add an "In this issue" section to the top of the email with the titles of the sections and the ability to drop down to them using anchors. This way your subscribers have a quick visual summary of what content is in the email.

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Re: Feedback and Critique Sought

Thank you so much for your feedback.


IWb site/blogs are being re-designed.  Will ask the designer how to set them up for follow-ups/exgtended reads from the ELetters.


Sandra Gould Ford