Financial Advisors Using Social Media


Financial Advisors Using Social Media

I've been a investment advisor/manager for 28 years and my team and I are in the process of learning how best to use technology including email newsletters and social media sites for client service and new business development.  We are finding that the SEC regulations were not necessarily designed to regulate this new technology rich environment and there are a lot of grey areas.  Are there any advisors and or compliance professionals out there that can share their experiences in the dos and don'ts of using social media in the financial services industry?  Thanks.  Art Nunes, Northwest Asset Management




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Thanks for introducting yourself to us and welcome to YOUR Community!  Those are some great questions you ask!  A great place to look and ask again is our Small Business Talk board.


Check it out and I hope to see you around the boards!

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I just came across your post to Constant Contact about financial advisors.

Advisor Products has established a strategic partnership with Constant Contact.

Some resources to check out: '

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