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First Friday Blog Post: Love Letters: Email Marketing

Participating Solution Provider

First Friday Blog Post: Love Letters: Email Marketing

You may have seen in the Huffington Post a series on Love Letters - so I thought I would have a little fun with that in today's blog post. 


Dear Email Marketing,


Email Example.pngWow you have served me so well for two years now. Helping me to keep relationships with my clients and develop relationships with new ones. You make it so easy for me to keep my name, logo and branding in everyone's inbox so they can remember me when they need email, event, or social media assistance.


At first I was afraid you were passé, but the more I read about and continued to use you, the more I realized that you were not only viable but you were the reason my phone was ringing and there were people signing up for my events.  You were the reason people are beginning to know what I do, how I do it and why I am the expert in small business marketing that they desire to hire.


I spend time with you once a month, like clockwork, to keep the consistency my clients expect. I love that I can make sure you are scheduled to hit the inbox when I know I get the best results versus when a magazine might be picked up or a social media post might bust through an algorithm and actually appear in someone’s timeline.


Growing my email list has been made easier with “join my email list” on my website, Facebook page, by text and QR code.  My clients feel safe with the “safe unsubscribe” you place on the bottom footer of everything that I send.  I feel assured that everyone on my contact list has given me permission to send him or her messages and offers.


Email, after I send you, I get to see the insights reporting details that I cannot get anywhere else.  Not only do I see who opened an email, I can see when and if they clicked through any of my links to get more information.  This report is available to me immediately on my schedule, not when a rep desires to come see me. 


One of the best things about you is the customer service you have.  I can pick up the phone and talk with an actual person,one who is happy to answer my questions about you.  I can talk with a coach who can give me suggestions on the best method to achieve a goal I have for you.  I have local seminars, online webinars and videos available to help me market with you better.


Oh my Email, I anticipate a long-term relationship with you.  So thank you for continuing to grow my list and grow my business.


With love,




Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
Master Certified Solution Provider