First Things First | A Checklist for New Users

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First Things First | A Checklist for New Users

Effective Management.jpgAre you a new Constant Contact user? Maybe you've been using it for a few months or even a few years.  Either way, you may want to check and ensure that you've used these tips so that your account is properly setup. 


  1. Tweak Your Settings - As soon as you login, click on 'my account'  and then 'my settings' in the top right corner of your account. From here you can set your organizational info, add your organizational logo, address and signature line info.  Take a few moments to enter your information the way you would like it to be used and appear in emails.
  2. Customize Your Welcome Email - From the same section as the settings, you will see an option to edit the template for your "welcome email".  Without doing this your subscribers will receive a very generic, non-branded email thanking them for joining your email list. This is sent immediately after a subscriber joins your email list.  So before you start inviting people to join your email list, it is critical to customize this welcome email. Even consider adding a coupon! Image $5 off your purchase of $25 or more when you join our email list.
  3. Create Image Folders - Once you begin adding images to your library they are all stored in one general folder.  I like to think ahead and consider the types of images I might be adding to my account and immediately create folders where the images can be categorized. So, this pre-organization is helpful because then anytime you add an image you can file it into the proper folder.  For example, if I'm a bakery, I might add folders titled "logos", "cakes", "cupcakes", "client photos", "cookies", "bakery facility photos".  Now my photos are categorized and easy to find in the future when they need to be accessed quickly.
  4. Create New Lists - This concept is similar to the prior one relating to photos. I like to go ahead and create the lists I think I may be needing in the future. Don't hesitate to think about the categories/topics your subscribers would be intersted in.  As a children's museum, I might have lists ready to go such as: "members only", "birthday parties", "field trips", "sponsors", "special events". You can always add more lists in the future as needed, but by setting up lists you might use in the future now can be helpful.  As subscribers join your email list then they can go ahead and add themselves to the lists they're interested in!
  5. Use Sign-Up Tools - From the contacts tab on the left side of your account, you will gain access to a tab that is labeled "Sign-Up Tools".  This would be the last step before I release you to start developing your first campaign. :) From here you will see that you can customize your sign-up form, create a sign-up button for your website, setup your Scan-to-Join, Text-to-Join, and Facebook Sign-Up App.  There is no one-size-fits-all method to growing your email list which is why Constant Contact offers a variety of strategies to help you grow your email list.  Take a look at all of these and select the ones your audience will enjoy using.  I have some clients who use all of them and some who only use one.  Use what works for you!

While these suggestions are simple, they're important and very often overlooked.  Ensure your email marketing success by tackling these initial set-up steps.  It is surprising to me the number of accounts I come across where these basic steps have been missed.  I hope that these ideas will help you become a successful email and social media marketer. If you have questions or some other 'getting started' tips for Constant Contact users please leave your tip below in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!

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