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First Time... here we goooo!

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First Time... here we goooo!

Hi all,


we, the company, are migrating from other (email) "simply" service. After these years im proud to change with constat contact. Im not the pro doing this, eblast, but I will try to do my best with your service. So much to learn and practice.


My first doubt: We use to send personalized emails, using our software to create and develop the personalized images, pasting the html code and changing the image name in the code with the field in the list using %%. I can do the same here?

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Re: First Time... here we goooo!

Hi Edison,


Welcome to the Community and to Constant Contact! Very happy to have you here. I think you'll find the Community is a great place to bounce ideas around and get tips from your fellow Constant Contact users.


You can use Dynamic Images with Constant Contact. It may be a little different then the way you're used to doing it though. This is from our FAQ:


It is possible to have different images appear in different contacts' emails, but you need to import the image URL as a custom field. Additionally, you will need to use HTML coding to allow for the custom field to appear as an image.

To import the image URL as a custom field:

  1. Right-click on the image (in the image library or on an outside website) to get the URL.
  2. To make the image visible in the custom field, make sure you use the HTML tag <img src=" ">. The image URL goes in the space between the quotation marks. For example, <img src=""> .

Note: The custom field section can store only 50 characters. If the URL combined with the HTML code is more than 50 characters, you can use a website called TinyURL to reduce its size.

Once you have a shortened URL with the HTML code for the image, you will need to copy that code in an Excel spreadsheet that contains your contacts email addresses. If you don't have a file of your current contacts, you can export one.

To copy the code:

  1. Create a new column and label it as a Custom Field #.
  2. Paste in the image URL that contains the HTML code next to each contact.
    For example, <img src=""> .

Once you have set up your file, you can update the contact information using the file.

Once you have imported the file, you can edit the email to insert the custom field:

  1. Hover your cursor over the block you want to insert the image.
  2. Click on the Edit icon Edit.
  3. Choose "Insert Contact Details" under Insert.
  4. Select the custom field that you used to import the data.
  5. Save the block.


  • Custom fields will not appear when previewing or sending a test email. They will only display in a scheduled email.
  • Import the code to contacts using a .CSVexcel file.

I hope this helps!


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