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Five Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

CTCT Employee

Five Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you trying to get better results out of your fundraising email campaigns? Well thanks to Sara Wolfson, contributor for we have a list of five email marketing mistakes that you should be sure not to make.

1. Relying on statistics for emotional impact – This is something that we often see in fundraising campaigns. It's not all about the percentage of people that donate on average per year; it's about the clear facts and how much emotion goes into your campaign. Numbers are just numbers, get real, and tell them how much donating to your campaign would help.
2. Being, well, boring – Don't let this happen to your campaign! Try something new! Be exciting! Use meaningful and bright pictures or graphics and stay away from the droll and boring tone of most non-profit campaigns.
3. Getting real excited about how amazing the organization is and the supporter is just kind of, well, an afterthought – It's great that you are an amazing organization! It's great that you are excited about this campaign but don't let that overpower your newsletter. You need to spend some time focusing on the reader, the potential donor, the potential supporter. 
4. Dreading editorial feedback – Welcome feedback! Most content creators think their first draft is a work of gold and doesn't need to be changed at all. Sometimes having a second set of eyes on something can drastically improve the overall readership experience of your campaign. Bring on
the feedback!

5. Being shy about asking for donations – No need to be shy! You need to feel okay about asking for donations. You want to use the idea that people who donate will be a huge part of your organization. Make them feel like a part of the team by donating and don't feel shy when putting this into your email marketing campaigns.

For the full article and even more in depth break downs of these five email marketing no-no’s, check out Sara’s full article here.
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Community and Social Support Intern

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