Five Facts About Awareness That Will Motivate Your Marketing Team…

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Five Facts About Awareness That Will Motivate Your Marketing Team…

Cust Relations.jpgand help to build your customer base.


The word awareness has a variety of meanings and connotations depending on its use. Awareness can be easily confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. For example, if a passerby asks another person where the nearest candy store is, what usually comes to mind is the one closest to their chance meeting.


Awareness used in a business conversation about marketing, means how do we create a perception and feeling about our company’s products and services that creates a purchase? 


The answer which usually surfaces to the top is advertising. Whatever channel you select to create awareness, you are dealing with very large numbers.


In the late 20th century, when I created my first company, advertising could mean placing an ad in a newspaper, on the radio, in a business directory, just about anywhere you would find people. A company’s potential customer was always out there, somewhere, among some very large numbers.


Shall I Paint You A Picture?

Painting.jpgJust because you are able to increase awareness of your product line , it will not always mean a sale. So advertisers determined they needed to increase their awareness to more people. I can even remember when a less than 1% response rate for a direct mail campaign was considered a victory.


Yes, you read right. So if that mailing went to one million potential buyers, 10,000 may have done something, such as giving consideration to purchase a life insurance policy. If the direct mail piece cost around $0.65 each, that’s a lot of money to create awareness for a commodity such as life insurance.


Here is when the noise became unbearable.

First, there was a lot of message slinging in that era. Advertising experts told marketers that people are bombarded with 2500 to 3000 messages per day. It’s important your message stands out and then hope someone makes a purchase.Noise.jpg


Secondly, in 2001, the US Mail volume was the highest year ever at 103,526, The number of first class mail pieces delivered to the nearest million! Mail has been on a decline every year since.


Now use the marketing channels toward relationships and engagement.

  1. Sales and marketing in the 21st century had to change because the world has changed. As each generation enters the work force, it’s their time to exhort their values. If you have a product or service, it must meet their needs on their terms.
  2. In my field of expertise, marketing a small business has a lot challenges. In many small businesses, marketing is everything a company must do to acquire and keep a customer. Awareness is nice but it won’t pay the bills.
  3. Measuring marketing campaigns and using analytics to learn more about customer action’s is gaining strength in more small businesses, but many still struggle. It’s not that difficult people. Start simple and stay the course. The data will teach and inspire you to get more customer engagements.
  4. Measurement and analytics can answer many marketing questions. One answer is to hire people with business savvy and creativity. Creativity is extremely important when reviewing and managing the data to reach more people. Yes, you’ll get awareness but you need to earn customer engagement.
  5. I remind people that marketing is challenging because you need to treat awareness as an introduction to your company. A marketing person must keep learning, testing and trying something different to capture more customers. The how to make people purchase is a winning combination. 

The smallest change may have the biggest impact. That’s what keeps me interested. I learn something new every single day. If you don’t try something new in marketing, or any other business tactic, you may never succeed.


Takeaway: Awareness can be easily confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding.

What does the word awareness mean to you and your marketing team?


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