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Five Social Media Hang-Ups to Avoid Like the Plague in 2012

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Five Social Media Hang-Ups to Avoid Like the Plague in 2012

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The Social Customer posted an article today called "Five Social Media Hang-Ups to Avoid Like the Plague in 2012" by SocialVolt of 5 hang-ups about Social Media that you should definitely avoid.  It was fun reading this article. It gave me some ideas that we could use on our team to help us in 2012 with our Social Media Plan. It was also neat to see some items that our Community Manager, Ros, has been telling us for a couple years now! I knew she knew what she was talking about! :smileyface:


  1. Not Planning For Success:  This is a no-brainer right?  But how many of us fail to do it?  I know we do sometimes!  Take the time to reflect on how your 2011 Social Media Plan went and how you can improve in 2012.  Be prepared to have increased followers, customers, etc and have a plan on how to keep engagement up with them.
  2. Treating Ever Mention From Customers Equally:  SocialVolt states that all customers are important, but not every message is to be treated equally.  "What and who is most important is up to each company, but take the time to build out a list and make sure every employee who is speaking for your brand on social networks knows it inside and out."
  3. We'll Get Back to You in Five Days:  With Social Media, you can not wait to respond.  The response needs to be pretty immediate.  (We here at @CTCTHelp try to respond within 5 minutes of an @ reply on Twitter.)  They state that 80% of customer service inquiries can be solved in 3 minutes if you respond within 3 hours.  They suggest creating a canned list of responses to give your staff so that when they are replying to quick questions, they have quick answers.
  4. More is Better: We all know that new Social Media Networks are exciting, but you really need to be WHERE your customers are.  With that said, you should still create Business Pages on all Social Network sites because you want to have access to your brand there. If you wait, someone else could take your brand name and sometimes you can only get it back if you pay them.  And no small business wants to deal with that!
  5. Bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight:   Research all the tools that are available to you for Social Media. And find the ones that are right for your company and size.  We use Hootsuite here for our Twitter and Facebook monitoring and that works for us. But if you're a 1 man Social Media Team, you might not want to use all that Hootsuite has to offer, so you might want to look into what else is out there.

Some great points made above and I hope you enjoyed them and it got your brains going!


What are you using to monitor Social Media?

Did you make a plan for 2012?