Four Cornerstones of Online Fundraising

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Four Cornerstones of Online Fundraising







Four Cornerstones of Online Fundraising


In a recent article on Philanthropy News Digest, some helpful online fundraising tips were raised! Non-Profit business’ use a variety of tactics to raise money. Online fundraising is a popular means of doing so as it is cost efficient and is a direct means of interacting with the potential donor. Below are the four cornerstones to a successful online fundraiser.


  1. User-Centric Donation Process – The quicker and more direct your fundraising process is, the better response you will see. Creating a donation page that is one click away from anywhere on your organizations website is absolutely a best practice as well. This way, no matter where their interest peaks within your site, they have access to donate. Also, allow your donor to donate in any fashion they choose. You’re site should allow them to donate via the phone, by email, or online as well. The last thing you want is for someone to note donate solely because their payment process of choice isn’t an option.
  2. Ongoing Engagement
  3. Easy Sharing
  4. Ongoing Appreciation

For the full article, take a look Here as tips, two through four are extremely helpful as well!

There are many other avenues one can take to create an effective online fundraising process. These are just a few tips that will help point you in a successful direction! Have you ever attempted to raise money online before? If so, what other helpful steps do you take to ensure it is a success?!?

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