Four Things Top Sales People Do For Maximum Productivity


Four Things Top Sales People Do For Maximum Productivity

Hard work pays off. The 80/20 rule in sales is that twenty percent of the people close eighty percent of the business so you are left with 80% of people asking how to improve and be more productive. shared Four Things Top Sales People Do For Maximum Productivity for what anyone can learn to make the top sales people stand out!


Don’t just do things, do the right things.

Good sales people know the difference between “feels” productive and “is” productive. The goal isn’t to fill the day with things to do but instead to work toward their goal.


Don’t lower your standards.

The best sales people know that it can be better to have no opportunities than ones you can’t win. They don’t lower their standards to have someone in the pipeline.


Done is better than better

Productive people get more done in less time. A quick look at your Facebook page can turn into an hour of clicking and reading.


Don’t work when others aren’t working.

Don’t just work hard, work smart. Take vacations to relax and recharge. Studies show the top sales people are actually more likely to slack off on vacation.


Running full speed is a recipe for burn-out. “It's easier to put in extra hours when they're needed if you weren't putting in extra hours when they weren't. Top people know this, and plan their schedules accordingly.”



Check out more on each of these tips by reading the full article by Dan Enthoven on!

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